Lion King 3

Champion in the Making: Meet the Lion King

Meet an African Champ: Introducing The Lion King

The unbeaten prospect who aims to set the ring alight…

WTC: Who are the important people in your life?
My family (father Mather brothers and sisters) and all my friends for me I give a lot important to my friends because they are my second family.

WTC: Who inspired you to get into boxing?
The first person who inspired me to get in box is my father George Yav after him is a lot people like my Clairere Masinga my master coach Mbo and Mpya Mogard, Mbala Sibor…

WTC: Who is your favourite boxer?
My all-time favorite boxers are Mike Tyson and Muhammad Ali. My current favourite are Floyd Mayweather, Canelo Ilunga Makabu Lumpungu Élie, Alex Kabange…

WTC: What have been your highs and lows in life?
My low is I’m just look for my stability career I really want to go far in my boxing I know my job but I’m just not stable.
My high in South Africa is my 4 fights, 4 victories (all knockouts except one). Talking is easy, the real performance is by doing.

WTC: One of the benefits from partnering with Joe Esau & Claudio Chiste, is that Claudio is also a Mental Toughness coach. Prior to this partnership, did you have a mental training regime to get your mind ready for a fight?
Just by being with them I am able to learn, continuing to add to my knowledge. We are still in the beginning of our relationship, in time, you will see for yourself. I consider myself fortunate to have met them, I generally don’t talk a lot about them… I rather let my actions speak. If I’m ready for a fight!?
Well… I am always ready to fight anyone.

WTC: How do you separate family and sports?
The family for me is very sacred for me and boxing is a passion for me!
They are both important to me and I regard them as complementing each other, rather than competing with each other.

WTC: What are your views on determination?
I am determined to be a champion on day. Watch this space.

WTC: Can you share how you focus in preparation for your fights?
In preparation for my fights, I have 100% focus on my fight, at times even forgetting myself because I give all I can to be what I want.

WTC: In preparing for a fight how do separate between family and sports? is it difficult?
It is not easy, however, once I decide I really want something I am able to take on what may seem impossible for many. This may be difficult at times, but throughout the journey I keep thinking about my desired result.

WTC: What is your favourite food?
My favorite food is Congolese food specially pap fish and pondu (le failles de manio)

WTC: Who is your favourite actor?
My favorite actor is the Congolese comedian Lady Esobe and Jean-Claude van Damme