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Champion in the Making: Meet the Lion King

Meet an African Champ: Introducing The Lion King

The unbeaten prospect who aims to set the ring alight…

WTC: Who are the important people in your life?
My family (father, mother, brothers and sisters) and all my friends. I give a lot of importance to my friends because I regard them as my second family.

WTC: Who inspired you to get into boxing?
The first person who inspired me to get into boxing is my father, George Yav. Then there is also people like Clairere Masinga, my master coach Mbo,  Mpya Mogard and Mbala Sibor…

WTC: Who is your favourite boxer?
My all-time favorite boxers are Mike Tyson and Muhammad Ali. My current favourites are Floyd Mayweather, Canelo Ilunga Makabu Lumpungu Élie and Alex Kabange.

WTC: What have been your highs and lows in life?
My low is that I’m looking stability in my career as I really want to go far in boxing.
My high in South Africa I would say are my 4 fights, 4 victories (all knockouts except one). To talk is easy, the real performance is by doing.

WTC: One of the benefits from partnering with Joe Esau, Claudio Chiste & John Jantjies, is that Joe is well embedded within Cape Town, John a highly accomplished trainer and Claudio a Mental Toughness coach, with both John and Claudio former boxing champions. Prior to this partnership, did you have a mental training regime to get your mind ready for a fight?
Just by being with them I am able to learn, continuing to add to my knowledge. We are still in the beginning of our relationship, in time, you will see for yourself. I consider myself fortunate to have met them, I generally don’t talk a lot about them… I rather let my actions speak. In terms of being ready for a fight?
Well… I am always ready to fight anyone.

Claudio Chiste Boxing TrainingMain photo: Lion King and Claudio Chiste

WTC: How do you separate family and sports?
The family for me is very sacred and boxing is a passion for me!
They are both important to me and I regard them as complementing each other, rather than competing with each other.

WTC: What are your views on determination?
I am determined to be a champion one day. Watch this space.

WTC: Can you share how you focus in preparation for your fights?
In preparation for my fights, I have 100% focus on my fight, at times even forgetting myself because I give all I can to get what I want.

WTC: In preparing for a fight how do you separate between family and sports? is it difficult?
It is not easy. However, once I decide I really want something I am able to take on what may seem impossible for many. This may be difficult at times, but throughout the journey I keep thinking about my desired result.

WTC: What is your favourite food?
My favorite food is Congolese food specially pap fish and pondu (le failles de manio)

WTC: Who is your favourite actor?
My favorite actor is the Congolese comedian Lady Esobe and Jean-Claude van Damme


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