Post match flanked by hubby

Warrior Training Centre leaves its mark with female debutante boxing star

Apart from the odd bruise during one of London’s major Ultra White Collar Boxing charity match held on 24th November 2018, one of the stars for the evening, Laura Moffat, successfully won her match in her boxing debut.
Laura before the match

Weeks before the bout, the WTC’s Claudio Chiste had a training session with Laura in London to work with her on the focus pads and provide pointers in the build up to fight night.

Reflecting on this, Laura said she felt humbled by the offer to be trained, and grateful time was found despite a busy schedule. She added, “I’m no real boxer and for someone of his experience to take this seriously enough to come and train me, I have to say I felt honoured. He has a very calm nature which I think is important as an instructor, it took him seconds to look at my shadow boxing and analyse my strengths and weaknesses and gave me tips for my fight, which seemed to work. Also keeping it simple. For a first fight it’s impossible to remember too many strategies, so focusing on less things made me feel more confident.”

Focused energy yields results
Laura is regarded as an inspiration in the UK martial arts scene, but it wasn’t always that way. She had been battling with mental health issues, anxiety and depression namely, for several years, which Krav Maga actually helped her deal with in many ways. At the time of signing up to the boxing challenge she had hit a rough patch and needed a goal to help her refocus and work towards some sort of achievement, needing the adrenaline and to feel alive again and face her fears. She also wanted to know how she would actually do in a real fight, after a couple of years of aggression drills in Krav, she wanted to put her aggression to the test. Lastly, her aim in life is to inspire people and prove that life doesn’t stop because you have children or are married, contrary to many peoples belief. She especially wants her daughter to know that. If you want to do something, do it and don’t worry what people think, the people that matter will support you.

Claudio taking Laura through the paces in London

Asked on how she felt after the fight, Laura commented, “I am very happy that I have won, I am absolutely ecstatic and still buzzing. It’s the greatest feeling in the world but I think I would’ve felt a winner even if I’d lost. Winning was a big part for me at the beginning of the journey but I have realised that it isn’t all about winning the fight, it’s about the experience and the people that support you along the way, the people you meet on the journey and finally the realisation that you have more people that are there for you than you thought. It’s the best feeling in the world.”

The very next day, she passed her P3 exam (Practitioner Level 3) in Krav Maga with one of the UK’s leading clubs, Krav Maga Combat Academy (the WTC’s affiliated training centre).

The evening succeeded in raising GBP 9,000 for cancer research. The odd bruise on Laura will heal, with the indelible mark in the fight against cancer remaining.

Post match flanked by hubby